Custom African Journeys with Michael Turner

At Wild Places we start by getting to the heart of your needs and desires, to plan your perfectly tailored safari.

Michael Turner not only helps you plan your safari, but he meets you at the airport, guides you through each different location and adventure, making sure all your needs are taken care of, and, most significantly, he shares his incredible passion for Africa with you.

Peeling off the layers of this amazing continent one at a time, from the exciting, adrenalin-filled moments to those of calm camaraderie and friendship, he ensures that you get the best out of every experience and leave Africa having had the trip of a lifetime.

This is what makes Wild Places safaris unique.


People need wild places… We need to experience a landscape that is timeless, whose agenda moves at the pace of speciation and glaciers. To be surrounded by a singing, mating, howling commotion of other species, all of which love their lives as much as we do ours, and none of which could possibly care less about us in our place. It reminds us that our plans are small and somewhat absurd.”

– Barbara Kingsolver

What our guests say