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August 12, 2013

The hunter who wanders through these lands sees sights which ever afterward remain fixed in his mind…. Apart from this, yet mingled with it, is the strong attraction of the silent places, of the large tropic moons, and the splendor of the new stars; where the wanderer sees the awful glory of sunrise and sunset in the wide waste spaces of the earth, unworn of man, and changed only by the slow change of the ages through time everlasting.

Col Theodore Roosevelt
Khartoum, March 15, 1910

Northern Botswana, Okavango Delta

I had a great evening last night with Brian and Ethel, a lovely young couple from the Bay Area who were on safari for their honeymoon – their first trip to Africa.

I met them in Maun and we drove into the Delta rather than fly to the local airstrip. This was a great way to set the scene for the safari as we slowly peeled off the layers traveling from the village of Maun through several smaller villages until we arrived at the Buffalo fence about 50km away. // read more >