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December 12, 2014

There are few places in the world where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in its absolute purity, its beautiful desolation and wildness.

Imagine an area the size of Switzerland with fewer people than you might find inside your average Starbucks. Where the land stretches out to the horizon with nothing to obscure your view in 360 degrees. An open saltpan where the curvature of the earth unfolds in front of you, surrounded by a sea of grassland dotted with small islands of trees.

Imagine all of this – on horseback. // read more >

December 11, 2014

After spending three days in the Central Kalahari on a mobile safari, we had been spoilt with lion, cheetah, and leopard sightings and were rushing to make the airstrip in time to greet our incoming bush plane.

Heading through the rolling vegetated dunes of the Kalahari, we were greeted by this male, busy patrolling his territory.

Our presence – and travel plans – were of little concern to him as he strode down the track marking his territory.