December 20, 2017

Usually I try to avoid personal updates in my newsletters because I feel that most people have better things to do than read about the monthly day-to-day accounts of a family in one of the quieter parts of the world. However, 2017 has been a rather eventful year, so I decided to break with tradition.

Just as Lisa and I were settling down to married life after our honeymoon in 2016, we learnt that we would swiftly be joined by a new addition and Adam came around in early March this year.

And, as if moving from unmarried to married life with one child in less than a year wasn’t enough, Adam will have a sister coming along at the end of April.

Lisa has been fantastic managing a move to a new house in Botswana with a three-month old and then raising a rather active child while nurturing a new pregnancy.

Grandparents have come to the rescue at strategic times, which has been very welcome, and I think (hope) that they have enjoyed it as well.

This year’s highlights have focused on watching Adam grow up in between some wonderful trips.

It has been a season of close friends and families. My thoughts immediately jump to tracking lions in Mana Pools with John Stevens and the Gifford family, and then shortly afterwards canoeing the Zambezi with the Edsalls. Exploring the waterways of the Okavango with Simon Byron’s new mobile camp with the Del Buono family, and gorilla tracking with the Stervinous.

We took Adam on his first safari in August, and while he slept through a lot of it, he saw his first elephants, lions, wild dogs as well as hippos and lots of other general game.

I was then joined by an intrepid photographic team in the Okavango with James Gifford as our professional photographic instructor, the Henry Boys on our deep Kalahari expedition, the Steward crew in Kenya, and finished with a recce into the Congo to explore a very raw and special place for future trips.

Photo by Jeff Nelson

New Year’s will be spent on safari in Botswana, so we have a lot to look forward to.

I am sure that 2018 will also be full of its own surprises and fantastic moments. The safari season is looking quite busy with just a couple of spots left open – full of great trips planned with some close friends and repeat guests.

Our clan of three will increase to four with a girl this time, and I am sure that will keep us busy enough.

So, from our end, we wish you all a fantastic festive season and, as Adam takes his first steps, we look forward to the adventure continuing.


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