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Patricia Marchant & Marilynne Mitchison | Mike & Mary Mokler | Noelle Clark | Patty Murphy | Heather Griczen | Carlyle Eubank |  David Francis

Patricia Marchant & Marilynne Mitchison

As I sit back in Vancouver reflecting on our Rwanda trek, Botswana safari and Victoria Falls adventure with Michael, I pinch myself as I can hardly believe that it was real.  It was the adventure of a lifetime and Michael  had everything to do with that.  From his contacts in Africa who arranged the travel and logistics, to his outfitters and the staff who saw to our creature comforts and physical needs, our trip was outstanding.

And then there was the guiding and tracking.  Michael’s expertise, skill and knowledge were evident from the beginning and his genuine enthusiasm and love for the animals and birds we encountered was contagious.  We saw and learned so much and best of all, it was fun, fun, fun.

– Patricia

My recent safari in Botswana was truly an amazing experience. I had never been in Southern Africa and hoped I would see some elephants, zebras, giraffes and a lion. My expectations were exceeded. I loved driving in our safari vehicle forging waterways and through the beautiful Botswana landscape tracking animals but focusing on lions and wild dogs.  You found us a pack of wild dogs that we were able to watch eat, rest, play and prepare to hunt plus lions almost everyday. I felt like a child at summer camp waiting for the next thrilling adventure.

I loved our campsites.  Each was different but picturesque. The beds were comfortable and the bucket shower refreshing. However, best of all was the delicious food, sitting around the campfire with a glass of wine, looking at the stars, listening to the animals and the great company. Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful experience.

– Marilynne

Mike & Mary Mokler

Considering an African Safari? Go with Michael Turner! We did!

In September 2014, Michael took our six-person group to four incredibly comfortable camps in Botswana, after which we spent four days in Cape Town.

For 16 days he constantly worked to insure we had the best possible experience. His knowledge and experience with the wildlife and geography provided for a safari experience of a lifetime. We will be going back to Africa, and it will be on a safari organised and lead by Michael Turner!

Noelle Clark

Here’s the question. How do you make a dream of Africa become the trip of a lifetime? First and foremost, start out with a great guide.

Michael showed me an Africa far beyond what I had dreamed. I saw things I’d only heard of, and some things I didn’t even know existed. I left knowing more, understanding more and experiencing more than I could have thought possible. In some cases, my comfort level with wildlife was stretched, although safely and comfortably. In all cases I was fed better than most four-star restaurants, each and every night.

The only down side is that my life has been changed forever and Africa is now in my heart; it is in my very being. I hope and pray to go back – but never without Michael.

Patty Murphy

For everyone who has a fantasy of what wild Africa is like, if you have not gone on safari in Botswana, you have missed what is still truly wild and real left in the world.

Our trip with Michael was a wonderful constellation of his encyclopedic knowledge of African flora, fauna and geology and his wonderful sense of humor and fun. Comfortable, casual yet very elegant with that sense of a step back in time.

Michael gave us a bucket list experience that will bring us back again and again.

Heather Griczen

After spending two weeks on safari with Michael, I am now one of his honorary aunties. His passion for everything Africa is off the charts and goes 24/7!

His extensive knowledge and experience spans every subject from Zoology to Ecology to Horticulutre to Anthropology. He’s a patient and natural teacher.

My time with Michael was a GRAND adventure; an adrenaline rush of “DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?”

He showed us everything from quiet elephants eating their favorite Mopani trees, to lions hunting Cape buffalo, wild dogs being chased by lions, a leopard hiding in the top of a tree, a hyena hiding with its kill in the grass, and bush people in the Kalahari.

Thanks Michael for taking such good care of us – as if we were family!

Carlyle Eubank

Earlier this month, following a climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, I thought I would head south to Botswana and have a beer with a fellow Ranchero campmate, Michael Turner.

He said that would be great as he was in between guiding safaris, but did mention that it may be several days of having a beer as it was a long way to come. I told him that I was up for anything and trusted him to plan our trip.

Having a beer with Michael turned into one of the most extraordinary experiences I have ever had. He arranged small airplane hops over a period of about ten days to four separate camps. We even added on a fifth camp while on safari!

This is not the type of minimal, barely survival type of camps I experienced on Kilimanjaro. These camps were beyond comfortable and downright plush. One of the camps even had a top-rated executive chef who served delicious prime beef and lemon meringue tarts among other amazing treats. But the camps were the least of the reasons I am writing this synopsis of my experience. The greatest reasons that I am planning another trip back to Botswana with Michael Turner are to be able to observe such things as:

An African fish eagle, taking a hard fought for fish from a yellow billed kite;

Hippopotami surfacing ten feet from our boat to show off their enormous mouths and formidable tusks;

An eighteen foot Nile crocodile coming down a bank toward our boat at 20 MPH and then slithering into the water right under our boat;

Two regal male lions guarding their prey in order to keep the hyenas away;

Two female lionesses cuddling with their cubs;

A family of wild dog puppies playing while they waited for the adult dogs to arrive with their breakfast;

A brilliant malachite kingfisher trying to eat a fish that was far too big to swallow;

Catching a tiger fish with a mouth full of inch long teeth;

Sightings of zebras, baboons, monkeys, giraffes, kudu, cheetahs, leopards;

Great herds of cape buffalo, gazelles, wildebeest, impalas, kudu, elephants and numerous species of birds;

All of these animals, reptiles and birds were seen in the wild, in their habitat, less than 50 feet from our private vehicle. The photographic opportunities were unmatched and we rarely saw more than one other vehicle, if that, on our drives to view wildlife.

The trip was extraordinary and one that I hope to repeat very soon with my family.

David Francis

From the flight to Maun, to the three days up the Boro River, to the Moremi Game Reserve, the Savute, the Chobe, the herds of elephants and Cape buffalo, to the Bains baobabs on the Nxai Pan, to the Kalahari with its endless wildlife, to the lions circling the game vehicles, to the champagne toast on the last night, and upon leaving the Kalahari with the lion as a sentential – the experience was phenomenal.

Michael’s zoology background and his knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area enhanced the trip. He planned the perfect safari for our group’s needs and budget.

His crew was amazing to provide such comfort in rustic conditions. The food was absolutely unbelievable, and all our needs were catered to.

Definitely a company I would highly recommend to those who want a unique experience. A trip of a lifetime!

As for the lions circling the Landrover, you just have to experience it for yourself.